Auto Interior Odor Removal

Odor elimination can be quite the challenge with certain car interiors. Bright Lights Plus offers a permanent solution that can get rid of those stubborn odors lurking in your car. We take pride in our work and the diligence of cleaning your vehicle to provide a brand new smell. Odors can be stubborn and unpleasant and when you treat them with a household product you are masking the smell. To eliminate the odor you need professional elimination and products. Call Bright Lights Plus to eliminate those stubborn odors and have your car smelling like the day you bought it.


We provide a 100% guarantee to permanently remove tough odors from your car interior, such as: 

  • Tobacco odor
  • Fire and smoke smells
  • Musty smells
  • Moisture and mold spores
  • Pets
  • Food
  • & more!

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Did you Know?

Cars that have been smoked in and have tobacco odors on the interior of the vehicle decrease in value anywhere between 7% and 9%! Selling your car? You may want to consider getting a professional odor elimination to remove those tobacco odors from your car so that you’re sure to get the most you can for your vehicle.