Headlight Restoration

Do you have trouble driving at night? It more than likely isn’t an eye doctor you need to fix the problem, but a headlight restoration instead. Bright Lights Plus is a mobile auto detailing service that repairs and restores deteriorated headlights that are dimmed or fogged. Over time, your headlights can become dirty and foggy, not only creating an unappealing look, but also presenting a hazard. What happens is the plastic headlight gets overheated and the pores of the plastic expand which causes a yellowish fog to film over the headlight.  The fog will typically start off white then yellowish in color and eventually turn to brown. Bright Lights Plus will use a preventative on your lights so once they are clean and bright again they will stay that way. Prevention is the step that is often missed.

Did you know? The probability of an accident increases by 90% when your car’s headlight output is reduced anywhere from 20% to 50%! Over time, your headlights can become foggy, producing less light and a faded performance. New headlights can cost hundreds of dollars and upwards of over $1,000! Why spend that money if you don’t have to? Headlight restoration is a cost efficient alternative to purchasing new headlights, and at Bright Lights Plus, is guaranteed to restore your headlights so that they’re looking and working as if they were brand new again! We guarantee a 100% true fix that will have your headlights looking and performing crisp and clear again for years to come.



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