Auto Glass Polishing

Bright Lights Plus offers top of the line auto glass polishing and repair service that will leave your glass sparkling and scratch free. We use polishing discs that can buff out deeper scratches and blemishes which will leave you with a smooth and clear glass surface. We also have a restorative product for lighter scratches and scuffs. We provide quality work and you will be pleased with the difference that you will see when it is finished! Years of scratches will disappear and your glass on your vehicle will look shiny and clear. We will also seal the windows with Rain-X Glass Sealer after they are polished.

Why spend hundreds of dollars to replace your windshield or any other glass windows on your car, when you can just have them repaired instead for a cost that is much less? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will do everything possible to get your auto glass back to looking brand new again! We are mobile! Bright Lights Plus comes to you and serves Myrtle Beach, SC, as well as all surrounding areas within 50 miles. We’re the only ones in the area that are actually licensed and certified to provide all of our services to you, so make sure you go to the one you can trust! Get your auto glass back to new again today, and contact us for a free consultation and quote. We guarantee the best rates around, and are sure you won’t find anything cheaper with the high quality service we offer elsewhere!

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