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We are mobile! We come to you! Bright Lights Plus serves Myrtle Beach, SC and all surrounding areas within 50 miles. Providing you with top quality auto detailing services you won’t find anywhere else, all at the best rates around! We’re the only ones in the area that is licensed, certified and insured to provide you with all of the services we offer. Go to the ones you know you can trust, browse our services and give us a call today. We’ll have your car back to looking and performing brand new, and get you on the road again in no time. 

Headlight Restoration

Over time, your headlights can become dirty and foggy, not only creating an unappealing look, but also presenting a hazard. What happens is the plastic headlight gets overheated and the pores of the plastic expand which causes a yellowish fog to film over the headlight. The fog will typically start off white then yellowish in color and eventually turn to brown. Bright Lights Plus will use a preventative on your lights so once they are clean and bright again they will stay that way. Prevention is the step that is often missed.

Interior Auto Odor Elimination

Odor elimination can be quite the challenge with certain car interiors. Bright Lights Plus offers a permanent solution that can get rid of those stubborn odors lurking in your car. We take pride in our work and the diligence of cleaning your vehicle to provide a brand new smell. Odors can be stubborn and unpleasant and when you treat them with a household product you are masking the smell. To eliminate the odor you need professional elimination and products. Call Bright Lights Plus to eliminate those stubborn odors and have your car smelling like the day you bought it.

Auto Glass Polishing & Repair

Bright Lights Plus offers a top of the line glass polishing service that will leave your glass sparkling and scratch free. We use polishing discs that can buff out deeper scratches and blemishes which will leave you with a smooth and clear glass surface. We also have a restorative product for lighter scratches and scuffs. We provide quality work and you will be pleased with the difference that you will see when it is finished! Years of scratches will disappear and your glass on your vehicle will look shiny and clear.

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