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Headlight Restoration

Your car’s headlights can easily become foggy and dim. This is not only dangerous to drive a vehicle with dim lights but it also isn’t pleasing to the eye. We not only fix your dull headlights but we also perform preventative measures so that your headlights will not fog again. Bright Lights Plus can make your lights look new so before you purchase new lights for hundreds of dollars — give us a call.

Odor Elimination

Don’t mask the problem by using ineffective cleaning products. Odor elimination can be quite the challenge with certain car interiors. Bright Lights Plus can get rid of those stubborn odors such as: cigarette smoke, musty smells, mold spores, animal dander etc. We would be glad to come to you and provide you with a free consultation. Let’s get started!

Glass Polishing Service

Bright Lights Plus offers a top of the line glass polishing service that will leave your glass sparkling and scratch free. We use polishing discs that can buff out deeper scratches and blemishes which will leave you with a smooth and clear glass surface. We also have a restorative product for lighter scratches and scuffs.

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